24 June 2013

Week 23

June 24, 2013
We had our second Spanish FHE! This time there were nine people, and they were all from Hopkinsville. That is a success because last week we relied so heavily on the Clarksville Spanish Elders to help us out. We had one less active, three members, a member's friend, and two investigators and then some of their kids. Sister Healey and I taught the 10 commandments with hand signals and that was pretty fun to get everyone involved.
The Broadcast last night was pretty cool! It was sad to see it at the Marriott center though. I feel like that place is another one of my homes... but some really cool things were said. I'm super excited to see what changes come in the mission for us, and my new mission president was in the crowd somewhere, that's a weird feeling. I don't know if I have told you this, but the Tennessee Nashville Mission is a pilot mission for facebook. President McKee in his email today wrote about pushing more of us missionaries to get on facebook.I have the option to be one if I would like, but I really don't know how I feel about being a facebook missionary to  be honest, but we will see if the Spirit directs. I just think that there are so many better ways I could be using my time here in Hopkinsville. There is so much finding that we need to do and so much more building to really prepare the way for a Spanish branch....
I wish I had some funny stories to tell you, but everyday is funny with Sister Healey. We always find something to lift our spirits. We don't take any pictures, so hopefully I will be able to change that soon with the new camera you sent me! (Thanks Dad!)
Also, Nolan looks so different. Sorry to break it to you fam: he is the best looking one of us all... haha. But he is so big, I can't beleive it! And Cougar... hair cut soon? Your hair looked so good before I left... I like it short...
Hopkinsville Miracles?
I will tell you about an investigator of ours named Jasmin! I think I might have mentioned her before... I found here with Sister McNab last transfer. We had a really amazing first lesson with her and soft committed her to baptism. It was awesome! Then she kept being busy... had school... and then finals... and then she went to Mexico... but then didn't really leave for Mexico... but then did leave...it was a mess. Sister Healey had only met her once but then last friday we went to try and see if she was back from her trip to Mexico yet. When we got there she answered the door, and let us in. She got out her book of mormon that we had left her and she told us she had only read a little bit of it. We asked her how much she read and, what do you know? She was in 2 Nephi 4.... are you kidding me? So then her aunt came into the room and asked about the book. I caught her aunt up with the Restoration (try giving that lesson in 5 minutes or less) and then we taught the Plan of Salvation with them. We asked them to be baptized for the 14th of July and they are both praying about it. The next challenge is getting them to come to church on Sundays. Hispanics are hard to get to come to church because they work ALL THE TIME. Also, the church building here in Hopkinsville only has services in English, so we will have to find someone to translate for us. I guess these are all just little things on the road of miracles that Heavenly Father has in store for us.
Angel and Oscar were also the investigators that were able to make it to our Spanish FHE. We heard a rumor that they are moving to Nahsville. I really hope that is not true because they are awesome! Super funny and such a blast to have around. Angel has prayed about baptism and wants to be baptism. We haven't been able to have him come to church yet though... so we will have to do some adjusting for a baptismal date....
There is also another investigator that we have been working with named Roberto. We met Roberto trying to contact an old potential named Fernando. Instead he answered the door and started asking us questions. He had a lot of good questions and since we spoke to him in English the conversation flowed so naturally. We have taught him a couple of times now and he came to one of our Spanish FHE's a couple of weeks ago. The other night we had a lesson with him and he went off talking about how he didn't think it was coincidence that we knocked on his door looking for Fernando, but found him. It was amazing how he recognized for himself that we were sent to him. It is also crazy that he is in Hopkinsville because there are so many reasons for him to not be here.... he is stationed at Ft. Campbell military base and his wife is stationed at Ft. Knox. He was at Ft. Knox and his trying to get back there, but he will be in Ft. Campbell for a while until he can get out there. If there is anyone prepared, it is Angel, Roberto and Jasmin... I can't even tell you. I haven't had any baptisms my whole mission. Before coming out, I knew that I didn't want baptisms to be just a number to me, but it is getting to me that I'm almost a third of the way through my mission and I haven't had one yet... I know there are so many miracles that lay ahead for Hopkinsville and I know I have worked so hard to be here. Opening new areas is tough, especially when I'm still learning all a lot about missionary work. Also, I got another cold virus... again! I swear I have had the same cold virus four times on my mission already! I was feeling really sick on Saturday, but was still trying to convince myself to go out and work. Let's just say, I had a "conflict" with the curb... in a mission vehicle... so Cougar, don't feel too bad about your accident in dad's car. Your sister out in Kentucky left a nice mark on the bumper of the Lord's Ford Fusion...
There is also a maintenance guy that works on our apartment a lot. He saw our apartment loaded with all kinds of church material and one day asked us for a book of mormon. We gave it to him willingly, then yesterday we saw him around the apatments. We asked him if he had had any time to read and he said that in his spare time he tries to... and what do you know? He tells us he is about a fourth of the way through it in Mosiah... are you serious? haha.
We are also teahing another neighbor who likes to sit out on her porch at night. Awesome person to visit for the awkward 8:30 hour? YES. Well, if anyone needs the gospel, it is Tina. She is super cool though and we love being able to talk to here when we can. We gave her a book of mormon yesterday, so I really hope she reads it. I'm not sure how long it will be until we can get here to read the book, but
Also, have y'all heard of Duck Dynasty? Well it is huge here in the South and I think you should start watching it. 1) So you can give me an idea of what it is like 2) So y'all can have a better insight into what Hopkinsville, Kentucky is like :) Haha, let me know.
Also, we find out about transfers next week, but I feel like I should be staying. I feel like I still have so much more of a duty to fulfill here in Hoptown, and I feel like I'm still waiting to see the fruits of my labors.
4 people pryaing for baptism, 3 progressing investigators and others who are starting to come out of the woodworks. Please start praying for them to be able to make it to church! That would be super awesome if they could come. I know a lot of them know it is true and I just want them to be able to come to church to help them in their conversion process...
Love ya fam. Still trying to work my hardest, but I never feel like my hardest is good enough. Sister Healey has a saying, "The Lord is easily pleased, but not easily satisfied." I am working so hard, but still trying to satisfy the Lord here in Hopkinsville.
Good luck with all your endeavors family. Can you beleive it is almost July? THAT's crazy. I'm sorry I don't have time to write y'all back individually like I would like too, but I feel like there is always so much more that I could be doing that I'm not. I have to learn to how prioritize through it all.
Mom & Dad: good luck refinancing the house!
Cougar: good luck with football this summer? and piano lessons! you don't beleive how incredibly blessed you are to have that opportunity
KC: awesome news about ragnar! and you are moving to Arizona this summer?
Katie, Nick & Nolan: hope the fam is doing well. is there another one on the way soon?
Love y'all.
Hermana Kristy Rich


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