03 June 2013

Week 20 Hoppin' Hopkinsville

June 3, 2013
Sounds like lots happening to the family right now! Again, I don't have a lot of time to write this week, but I love you and I'm so incredibly grateful for all of your prayers. I'm working on getting myself "lost in the work" and everyday I realize how much more I'm forgetting about home and how much the work encompasses my every thought.
Hermana Healey and I are having a great time in Kentucky! I don't think I wrote too much about her last week, but she is also a 2011 graduate. She is from Taylorsville, Utah. She has grown up LDS most of her life... she was baptized at 11 when her and her mom joined the church and her dad was reactivated as a member. We are both 20 and so excited to be serving missions at this time! It is such a crazy thought that there might not have been Spanish missionaries in Hopkinsville, KY had it not been for President Monson's announcement and us responding to the call. I KNOW that Hopkinsville needs us though and I'm so incredibly humbled to be apart of this work that is greater than us. Hermana Healey is a hard worker and I'm so incredibly grateful for her here! I know that she is much needed in this area before she gets her visa to Argentina. I think I should have mentioned this last week, but she is going to the SAME MISSION as my MTC companion, Hermana Sasser. ARGENTINA RESISTENCIA. That means 2 of my 4 companions are going to the same mission, but a different mission than the mission I was called to! I guess we know which mission I would have gone to had not I been called the the greatest mission ever, the Tennessee, Nashville Mission.
Love you all! Hermana Healey and I went to our first Spanish branch yesterday in Clarksville, TN and the spirit was so strong! I have loved serving under English wards since I've been out on my mission because I have felt like there were members whose lives were supposed to touch mine and I in return.
Our baptismal date decided to drop us. That was a hard day for me and Hermana Healey, but we are continuing to work hard and are finding new investigators left and right. Since I now more Spanish I really have to take the lead, but I'm learning how to charm the Spanish population of Hopkinsville, KY! We are working with people from all over- Mexico (that's a given), Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama... did I get them all? Pretty cool, but lots of new accents to learn! Lots of ways we are being stretched by the master's hands. 
Hasta lunes!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Rich
Classic church marquees worth mentioning this week...
"Pray your hardest when it is hardest to pray"
"No matter who is president, Jesus is King"
"Friends don't let friends die without Jesus"

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