10 June 2013

Week 21

June 10, 2013
Last night Hermana Healey and I had the hardest rejection of our life. I will just call our investigator "she-who-must-not-be-named." Anyways, I felt like something smelled pretty nasty and then after Hermana Healey told me that "she-who-must-not-be-named" was drunk. It all makes sense when we put it all together. It was ROUGH. We had a good cry and a good laugh after that one, but mostly a laugh to cover up the hurt.
Anyways, I told Dad about Sister Fletcher! That was AWESOME!!
Lots to do in Hopkinsville! We will be holding our first Spanish group night tomorrow. Please pray for us! This will be the predecessor to hopefully starting a Spanish Branch in Hopkinsville!
I have lots to tell you and unfortunately.... never enough time.
On another note, I guess a funny story..... we have quite a few investigators who beleive in the trinity, right? Well, the other day Sister Healey goes off talking about the trilogy.... and I think to myself? what are you talking about? We later discoved she meant to say trinity, trilogy, get it? Yeah, sorry it is not that funny.
Love y'all!

Hermana Rich!

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