29 July 2013

Semana 32

Semana 32
26 de Agosto, 2013


Nuevas noticias de la Hermana Rich!

La Hermana Healey recibe su visa!
Sister Healey got her visa! We found out Friday evening and then Saturday afternoon we found out I would be leaving the area to serve with a sister in McMinnville, TN. It is the Spanish Branch right next to where I was serving before in Manchester, TN. I remember when I left Manchester I thought that I was going to come back. And I guess I did in a way.... maybe I have more to do in the area. 

Entonces, this morning Sister Healey and I drove our car down to Nasvhille and I'm already in McMinnville with Hermana Jensen. She was also serving with a sister who got her visa to Argentina. She's only been in the are two weeks, so lots of good things await the two of us for the next four weeks of this transfer. We've got lots of new people to meet and relationships to build. I'm excited that we will both be getting to know the area together because we will both have to depend on each other. 

Our last week in Hopkinsville was full of lots of miracles! Jesus and his friend came to church and we feel like we were having so much success with the recent converts and returning members that we were working.
Funny thing that our first Spanish investigators at church was my last Sunday in the transfer. The ward is excited to take over Spanish for us even though we won't be there anymore.
The Lord keeps the work progressing even without the missionaries. That's a beautiful thing. The Lord could do the work without the missionaries, but he still uses to do fulfill a purpose. 
I did hear today that they will be sending a Spanish senior couple next week! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS AREA NEEDS. 
The Lord is in the details. 

I was sad when I found out that I was leaving Hopkinsville, but I know I had a purpose there and I know that I fulfilled it. There was an Elder talking to us who I feel like helped put it into perspective: the Lord knew the work that we were going to do in Hopkinsville and that is why He sent us there. He didn't send us there to fail, but rather the Lord is in the details of our life and in the details of our investigators and our mission. 
I feel like I'm ready for the change and I know that I grow the most when I get transferred. I'm ready to grow more and to become more of the person that my Heavenly Father would have me be. I prayed and fasted last week that I would become what He wanted me to become, I made a lot of new goals for myself, too. I think this is exactly what I needed. 

I'm excited to serve with Sister Jensen! She is from Cedar City, Utah and is also a 20 year old missionary. 

Hasta la semana que viene!

Con Amor

Hermana Rich

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