02 September 2013

Semana 33

2 Septiembre 2013
Hola Familia!

Mi primera semana en McMinnville. 

Wow! McMinnville is definitely a place of miracles, I feel like there are a lot of good things that will be happening here and I also feel like I am getting the numbers that I deserved in Hopkinsville. 

In a lot of ways we feel like we will be reaping the blessings that the other missionaries sowed. 

I think it is funny how missionary work works like this, we all get transferred around but we somehow continue the work.

The Lord doesn't need the missionaries, but the missionaries need the Lord. 

This week I ate cow tongue! It was actually my first day here in McMinnville and I'll admit it really wasn't that bad. 

It is funny serving in McMinnville being a Spanish Branch. I feel like the work is so different. I love it though, but the dynamics are super different but there is definitely a more humble spirit here because we all have to be friends.

Last Friday we got a Church Headquarter referral and when we went to go and contact it. SET A BAPTISMAL DATE! FAMILY OF THREE. 

It was my first church hq referral and Sister Healey and I would pray about getting one in Hopkinsville, but then we never did.... of course my first week with Hermana Jensen and I we got one. 

Sorry this is short, there are other missionaries waiting to email, if I can I will write more, but love you and hope to hear from you soon!

Hermana Rich

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