16 September 2013

Cactus... yum! Fried snickers, even better!

No joke we just eat cactus in this mission, haha. I thought you would get a kick out of a cactus picture, haha. Have you tried it yet, cause it is pretty nast. I think I'll stick with some grits (which I tried for the first time last week, and the week before that: COW TONGUE)

 The next one: Please enjoy me and sister jensen teaching away... (this picture was not posed.... just kidding, but I still love it)
Oh, and we just go to fairs on this mission, really, I love the South! 
We have been working at our fair booth all this last week and we were right under the grandstands. Can't say I didn't sing a lot to some of the country music they were playing. Live bands? YES. Karoake? Okay.. it was pretty bad.... 

Also I would send you the picture of us eating fried snickers, but my companion and I look pretty nasty in it, so I will save your eyes from that one..
Hermana Rich

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