19 August 2013

Week 31 "The week that nothing happened."

Hey Familia!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

I can't beleive it is already P-day. 

This was the first week of the new transfer and I've decided to call this email "The week that nothing happened." We had a good week though! But it seems like we are in the same routine so it does feel like not much happened to us. Anyways, I'll still try to give you some quick updates.

Can I tell y'all some really exciting news! My MTC companion Sister Sasser got her visa! She's been serving in the Virginia Richmond Mission for over 4 transfers and she's heading down to Argentina next week!

Updates from Hermana Rich:

The Church is True. I know it is. 

We are still struggling getting our investigators to church, but we know that we are working hard everyday. We've been able to see a lot of miracles here and that is super exciting. We helped set a date with a family last night. The other sets of missionaries have been teaching them but we were at their house for dinner. He's originally from Haiti, so that's pretty cool. I've been out on my mission for too long though. Last night when we were at their house Brother Xantus (the guy gettting baptized) said he was Haitian. Sister Healey then said, "so that means you from?" And I immediately responed, "Haitia" (but I said it like Asia with an H :/) Woooops. Haitia? I don't know where that came from. 

We taught a lot of RCLA (Recent Convert Less Actives) this week. It was ridiculous, but it has been really cool. We are trying to help a lot quit smoking, it's been a challenge. It's one thing helping our investigators quit, but another helping a baptized member.... 

We had 9 member presents this week! Which is a big deal for us! I remember my first transfer I only had one, maybe two member presents?

Carmen and Ciro haven't been to church yet... so that's a bummer. Neither has our investigator Jazmin who I've been teaching for forever. She quit her job though! But now she has started school...

We did however try and reset a baptismal date with Jesus. He's a character. We got really bold with him the other night and told him that God sent us in his path so that he will be baptized. He is someone that really wants 

Sister Healey got proposed to by Angel last week. He proposed to me first a couple of weeks ago, so I was a little disappointed, but I think they will be happy together. haha. We haven't seen a lot of progress with Angel lately. For a while we took a break from him because he pretty much told us that he didn't want to change at all. However, we felt like the Lord kept pushing us back to meet with him, so now we usually come over and read from the Book of Mormon. Nourishing that seed, I guess. 

The Elders who serve here in Hopkinsville are really... mature? We see them a lot because we cover the same area. Last week before ward council they put a snapping turtle in our apartment and today they put hair gel on our car door handles. 

Kentucky weather is ridiculous. It is pretty much always raining. We had some memorable lessons on people's porches last week.

Did I tell y'all that I ate venison meat loaf last week? I would have been fine if it was just venison, or just meatloaf. But venison meatloaf? After she told us what it was I just kept trying to get it down and not think about it. 

Yesterday at church they did a pretty cool third hour combined meeting on Duty to God. Is that something Cougar is doing? It looks pretty awesome so I hope he is because I think that will definitely help prepare him for the Priesthood and to eventually serve a mission someday!

I hit 7 months last week. That's crazy. Before I know it I will be home with y'all wondering what happened to the time. 

Sorry I rambled a lot in this email. 

I love you. I hope you are all doing well! You are in my prayers.

Hermana Rich

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