05 August 2013

Week 29: Slugs, Artists, Mirrors and Flirting

Week 29
August 5, 2013

I hope y'all enjoyed that title. It pretty much sums up this week for us. 

First of all, MIRACLE YESTERDAY. We still haven't had any of our Spanish investigators at church, but a less active we have been working with came to church AND bore her testimony. It was amazing. Sister Healey and I couldn't even hold in all of our joy. 

This is the story that I sent to my mission president, so I figure I'll just copy and paste:

"Yesterday Sister Healey and I had one of the BEST Sundays we have ever experienced in this ward. We have been visiting this less active named Sister Carlisle and on Saturday night she asked us if she could follow our car to the church building, so she could know how to get there. She was a really active member when she lived in Franklin and went to church in the building right next to the temple, but she hasn't been to church since she's lived here in Hopkinsville- and that has been a couple of years. After she followed us over to the church we said goodbye and said "See ya tomorrow!" but she told us "I'm not promising anything." WELL the next day we were heading into the church building and saw her shaking hands with the Bishop. When we passed by the Bishop he told her that he had never met her, but had the prompting to say "Welcome home." 

Well, fast forward to sacrament meeting we sit down next to her and I had the prompting to go up and bear my testimony. When I came and sat down again she gave me a hug because it was a pretty emotional testimony for me where I bore my testimony about the Plan of Salvation. Then you know those last five minutes of sacrament meeting where no one wants to go up and everyone just sits there in silence? Well, imagine our surprise when Sister Carlisle got up! Sister Healey and I were just about going to die. She bore her testimony about how for years she had avoided the Elders, then one day the sister missionaries and "Sister Pam" came to her door and she answered. She also talked about how coming back to church was like "coming home" and how grateful she was when Bishop told her "Welcome home." Later Bishop was asking us how much he should push with her. We told him that she had told us once that she was someone that needed her own time and not to be pushed.... then he said he chatted with her just as she was leaving the building. He told her that he would take things on her time, but she just responded "Bishop, I'm back." WE ARE SO EXCITED. 

We get so many false promises about our investigators or our less actives coming to church so we are so grateful when others are able to make the leap and actually be there. We have such a big place in our heart for Sister Carlisle. She is amazing. 

It's funny President. I feel like I haven't been able to see a lot of the "success" that I would like to as a missionary, but when I get those miracles that are small and are tender mercies, it makes everything else so worth it. I can't explain it. I think the Lord wants me to learn a lot of patience and gratitude. I guess I have to recognize and be grateful for all of the little things before I can see that BIG MIRACLE that I'm looking for. 

The church is true. I know it is. I can't deny it. "

Oh and Sister Carlisle is a super talented artist and author. When she becomes famous someday I will be sure to let everyone know that I met her when I was serving my mission in Kentucky. It's funny, I feel like I'm adopting a lot of grandparents here in Kentucky. I think it fills the hole I have to still have grandparents of my own that are living. They are all amazing and they have really touched my life. 

Oh, and slugs. The other night after companionship prayer Sister Healey and I were getting in bed and it was already 10:30... when she notices this baby snake in the corner of the room. We spent about ten minutes examining it when we realized it was a gigantic slug (okay, maybe it was only a couple of inches.) It was a funny night trying to get rid of it out of our room and we were super over-dramatic about it. Sister Healey is going to have a blast once she makes it to Argentina, isn't she? haha. 

Mirrors... remember my Nacho Libre story last week with the corn field? Well, I guess I have awful luck with this car because last week we were driving through some pretty intense construction and we were driving past those big orange construction barrels. Then you know, all of a sudden this giant orange barrel comes and hits the side mirror and then runs away.... haha just kidding it. I hit a construction barrel going about 40 miles an hour and nicked the side view mirror. The only damage I did was take out the mirror part of it though... I guess I hit it just right? Hope y'all enjoy the picture I will attach. 

And flirting. We feel like we have so many investigators; and we have some really good relationships built up with them. I still feel like I have the "greenie" faith and hope that all of the people we meet are in some way prepared, but I'm getting pretty tired of teaching all of these young hispanic guys where we feel like there is so much potential.... but no, they just want to flirt with you and never make any commitments like coming to church :/ We're not sure what we are going to do with our investigator Jesus :/ 

I love you family! Sorry this email is so short, but you are all champs! 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Rich

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