29 April 2013

Week 15

April 29, 2013
I think I am going to keep this one short. It has been crazy out here in Kentucky!
We are still living in Oak Grove, KY with the English sisters, and it sounds like there isn't any promising news about when we will be able to get into an apartment :( haha. It has definitely been fun living with three other missionaries though!
On Saturday it was the first day that I drove since coming on my mission and the rain WAS CRAZY!!! I have never been in anything like that in my life! We tried to visit a couple of places for a while, but ended up making contacts at the Walmart... that was fun though. We invited a lot of people to attend the Nashville Tribute Band concert though. By the time we were getting ready to come home there were flash flood warnings all around and Tornado warnings. It was nuts but definitely a story!
Also, I MET THE NASHVILLE TRIBUTE BAND!! It was awesome! I know that at home I have "The Work" Cd and I am excited to eventually collect more of their cds especially considering I feel like I have a more personal relationship with the songs and the singers.
Well, please keep up your prayers for me! I could really use them a lot while I'm out here. I will have to tell you all about it when we talk in a couple of weeks. Lots of crazy things!
Love you all so much!
Hermana Rich

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