15 April 2013

Week 13 Transfers


So official transfers were last week and Hermana Smith and I were really surprised and relieved that we weren't affected at all. BUT We just got a call from President McKee about two hours ago (soon after I just barely emailed yall) and I am being transferred to go open up a Spanish area in Hopkinsville, KY. I'm really sad to be leaving Manchester, but I guess the Lord has another part of the vineyard for me to open. Hermana Smith is going to take a visa waiter and me and another sister who has been out two transfers are going to open Hopkinsville completely new! She'll finish training me. That means trying to get an apartment, having a brand new area book, and tracting out Hispanics all over again... wish me luck! Love you all family! 
I guess we might have to change that blog to "KristyinKentucky" haha. I just wanted to keep you updated, hope yall are doing great and Kentucky, here I come!

P.S. Can Cougar get a hold of my good friend Mary Evans through Facebook and tell her I'm going to her homeland!

Thinking about yall especially more during the Boston bombings. I'm grateful for the gospel in our lives to know that we are a forever family!

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