11 March 2013

Semana 8 Manchester

Things I have seen on the side of the road while tracting: toilets, ottomon, tv, grill, cigarette butts and other unmentionables.
I have been to a KFC that had a signed picture from the "Colonel"
I have come to love Southern phrases like "I reckon" or "I'm a fixin to..."
I went to a ward/branch party with an Elvis impersonator, an Abraham Lincoln look alike, and an Abraham Lincoln look alike who also did MAGIC TRICKS? Don't beleive me? I have a picture for proof
My companion and I tracted in some trailer parks the other week and it was rather a comical experience....
During weekly planning my companion and I watched the mailman pass our house FIVE TIMES!!! And we didn't get any mail... it was kind of a funny experience though
I have a list of Spanish chistes that I inherited from the MTC and they have been a success with the Spanish families I have met
I have learned that Walmarts are tacky everywhere in the USA...
I have learned that there are those "usuals" during fast and testimony meeting that all of the members know about
I have learned that it is pretty easy to gain weight out in here the South because people LOVE TO FEED YOU
I have learned that the RS president pretty much has the "know" on everything that is going on in the ward.
I have learned that living in a small town most stores will close by about 7:00 or 8:00
I have seen John Deere tractors lined up for almost miles
I have learned that because most families don't want to feed you spagetti (assuming that is the typical missionary dinner staple), they will ask you what other families have fixed for you and then try and base the meal they send to you off of that.... but then there are always those families that still feed you spagetti...
I have learned that members will are blessed for helping the missionaries and I have learned that I am so grateful for the members who have been so generous to us out here.
I have learned that dogs are one of your worst enemies on the mission.... the other day we had a dog pee on our car... that was funny.
I have learned that there are some really kind random strangers who will want to give you rides here... I have also learned that my companion is open to these kind random strangers giving us rides... but we have used our judgement pretty well.
I have learned that sharing a car with the Elders in your area and when you companion doesn't have a bike that you end up doing a lot of walking.... we have built up legs of steel.
I have learned that 15 year old boys in young men have a little bit of a fancy with the sister missionaries but are too afraid to really actually talk to us. Instead they like to whisper things when we walk past them like "Te Amo!"....
I have learned that almost every Spanish family will invite you in to their house becuase they are just that friendly.
I have probably seen over 50 churches on the side of the streets here, but I think that makes me just that much more excited for those to be LDS churches soon!
Time is about to expire! But I love you all and I appreciate your prayers!!
Hermana Kristy Rich

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