28 October 2013

Week 41: Sorting Beans from Rocks and the Miracle of the Pumpkin

October 28, 2013
So, yall have more pictures now! Thanks for the new camera! I got it on wednesday, and you can tell that I have been on a rant with picture taking now..
 Am I serving as a Spanish Missionary in the South, or what?
We had so much fun living the Mexican life as close as we can live the Mexican life here in Tennessee. Have you ever sorted beans and rocks? Or gone to a house where there is a live cow and then when you leave the cow is skinned? Biked around the hills of Tennessee.
 It was Mariana's birthday and we got her a present. I also have a picture of her family. (Bety, Oscar, Joselyn, Mariana, and Berenice)

The pumpkin picture. We carved pumpkins with our investigators Enrique and Adalida. They are so cool. We also ate dinner with them and made tortillas. My heart is so big in love with them! They had an amazing faith promoting experience in getting money together for the pumpkin. Really, the Lord multiplied their money so that they could have five dollars to carve pumpkins with them. I will never forget the story that they told us.
haha. We had some great experiences this last week. Seriously, we are so blessed when I look back at my week and see all that the Lord has helped us with. We are having some really rich experiences. It is amazing. I wish I could tell yall more about it all, but hopefully you can get the gist with pictures.
How many progressing investigators do we have now? TWENTY. We are swamped with so many things that we can do. It is awesome. How many investigators came to church? NINE. Why aren't these people baptized?!
We are still doing lots of work in Smithville. I love it here. I'm learning to rely on my Lord and Savior more and more each day.
I miss you so much, but I know that at the end of this nine months it will all be worth it. I'm learning to consecrate it all to the Lord and to learn of His will.
Love you all. you mean so much to me. Keep praying for my investigators, I can feel it!
Con Amor, Hermana Rich
p.s. enjoy the dress up district meeting photos!

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