15 February 2013

Semana Quatro

I think I told you a lot about Elder Clark's talk last week about conversion. Since then, ALL of our MTC talks have been focused on conversion. It makes me realize the reality of true conversion and not just baptizing people who have testimonies. We can baptize people who have testimonies, what when the going gets tough are they going to hold on strong? 
So today was my birthday and P-Day. One of the greatest combinations if you could ask me. We were able to go the temple today and then we have TRC tonight. Last week was my first experience with TRC. I really loved it! It felt like a way more genuine experience because we were working with real people and not just our teachers posing as investigators. We got to talk to them and help them through their real problems. Our old roommates who were English speaking here in the MTC were able to talk to an investigator of the church and she is getting baptized! They were super excited about it. She told them that they were exactly what she needed and that she had been on the edge about baptism but they were the push that she needed. Back to Hermana Sasser and mine's teaching experience with TRC....The spirit was so strong in our lesson! It was a really great experience and I felt like the spirit was able to flow through us even though our language was pretty weak. 
My spiritual thought for the week is a quote from St. Francis of Assisi (?)He said:
"Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words." 
I think that that is a really applicable quote to us as missionaries who are learning a language here at the MTC. One of my companion's and mine problems is that we say too much and don't involve our investigator as much as we can. I think a big thing that has to do with that is because we try so hard to work around the language and then end up saying way to much. But I really do beleive that you can preach the gospel by the way you live. Our most recent devotional speaker talked to us and told us that we are the second scriptures for our investigators. We are the second witness that this church is true and that is how we live our lives. Great thought, right? I hope that I can always live up to being a good example of the truth of this church.

Before I go I will have to tell you about a WONDERFUL experience that I had today when I went to the temple. It was great that I was able to go to the temple on my P-Day! When we were in the Celestial room I poured my heart out in thanks for this opportunity to be a missionary. Since I am turning 20 today I realized that my 20th year will be a full birthday year in dedication to the work and to the Lord. I prayed long and hard that I will live up to giving the most that I can during this 20th year. I know I may not be perfect at all times, but I hope that I will always try to be the best that I can and give the best that I can. I prayed for more charity and to think outside of my self during this 20th year. Another great quote that I love is "Charity isn't selective" I hope that as a missionary I can always give charity to everyone and that my heart will grow ten times larger!
One last thing, as Sister Sasser and I were leaving the temple guess who I saw? The Lovely DANIA FRANDSEN. It was like a scene from a movie. We were walking out and she was walking in to do baptisms. We were 30 yards away from each other and we paused. Realized we saw each other and than ran and hugged and cried and hugged some more. It was one of the best birthday presents I could have received. It was so great to see her. I know that the Lord orchestrated us to be at the temple at the same exact time. It was so great to see her and has probably been one of the best things which could have happened to me today.

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